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7A3AMULTI-OPSee you next year.
7E3EMULTI-OPwe are ORARI LOKAL KEDIRI, goodluck 73's de 7E3E
AC4GSINGLE-OP HIGHFew DX on Friday night. More DX on Saturday night, but not many stations all together for me. Many US covering DX stations making it impossible for a QSO. This is typical for the SSB contest(s) on top band. Did not have too much time for this contest. Tha
AF1TSINGLE-OP HIGHI was pleased to work KH6AQ in HI, and people I know from VHF.
DF8VASSISTED LOWNot my favorite mode
DJ1WFSINGLE-OP LOWReduced vertical antenna 18m high, radial grid 20 x 10m on earth radials, IC7300, LiFePo4 battery.
DK1FWSINGLE-OP HIGHWoke up in the middle of the night and dedicated an hour to the contest before going back to bed.
DL1MHJSINGLE-OP LOWThank you to all picking up my tiny signal. Antenna is a homemade linear loaded dipole with 2 x 12.5m size only.
DL2OESINGLE-OP QRPRIG: IC-705, Antenna Tuner, full size L/2 Dipole@12m
DL2ZASINGLE-OP LOWTS 850 S - 2x 19,5m - Doppelzepp - Huehnerleitung
DL4ZASINGLE-OP LOWYaesu FTdx3000 - Loop 163 Meter Umfang - FC-902
DL9OLISINGLE-OP LOWIC-7300 inv.L Ant. wd CG-3000 tuner. CCHH - Contest Club Harz Heide
DM3YASSISTED LOWTS-570 (100 Watts) @ Longwire 62 mtrs
DM7CMULTI-OPa great team event... much snow outside. Only 21 hours on air.
DM7HBASSISTED LOWRookier / Date of Licence: 12.07.2022
DV3AMULTI-OPTotal waste of time. Not helped by JA running a CW contest on 160m at the same time. I do not think we will be back for this contest again.
G0CNNSINGLE-OP LOWNot a pre-planned entry, just stumbled across the contest by chance. Good fun on a bent 1/4 vertical.
G4PIQASSISTED HIGHJust a couple of hours operating. Conditions for any DX seemed poor though the usual suspects of K1LZ, K3ZM and VY2WW were loud enough.
HA3DXMULTI-OPRig_YAESU FTDX3000, PA:HENRY 3K Premier, Antennas:_Deltaloops(NW-SE) (SW-NE) full size,verticaly polarized RX Single wire Beverages,300m to 325 degrees,100m to 285 degrees and 160m to 50 degrees,(TNX to Jan OK2ZAW!) Beverages complemented by a HA5IW pream
HA6NLASSISTED LOWICOM756pro 100w dipole
HF9FSINGLE-OP LOWTHX for great contest 73'
IK1PMRSINGLE-OP HIGHItalian stations are limited to 1830-1850 kHz, not an easy life on SSB.
JA8RWUSINGLE-OP LOWThis was my third participation in this TopBand phone contest. The first one two years ago was my debut on 160m SSB from JA. Compared to the previous years, much less activities from Japan. Called CQ maybe for an hour in total with no luck even JA pass wa
JA9FHBSINGLE-OP HIGHI enjoyed the contest.
JE1SPYSINGLE-OP LOWIt was the 3rd CQ 160m contest since the 160m SSB was lifted in Japan. The Japanese SSB band has a width of only 30KHz from 1845 to 1875KHz. Please attention, JA stations can tranmit on 1848kHz low edge. In Europe and the United States, band plans are not
JF2FIUSINGLE-OP HIGHThank you all stations.
JH9DRLASSISTED HIGHI enjoyed the contest. 200 W
K0PGSINGLE-OP HIGHS9+10db noise at this location. Flipped every breaker in the house to no avail. I apologize to those perfectly good signals that I was unbale to copy. Propagation seemed strange also. Better antennas next year.
K1APCSINGLE-OP LOWPortable, battery power
K1LZSINGLE-OP HIGHThank you all for the QSO and specially for the patience! The first night was a nightmare, almost a suffering: If you were one of the many who called me and I couldn't work, I sincerely apologize. The second night was more interesting, some very strong si
K2EKMSINGLE-OP QRP5w to 53' end-fed sloper @ 30'. Tnx for digging me out of the noise!
K3TNASSISTED HIGHJust a few visits to the band to give out the rare MD multiplier to the deserving...
K3TWSINGLE-OP QRPIt's always a challenge on 160m SSB when running 5 watts QRP!
K4CGYSINGLE-OP HIGHGreat contest--better each year
K4GIGMULTI-OPLocation: Madison, AL Radios: Elecraft K3 w/KPA-500 Logging Software: N1MM TX Antenna: Cushcraft MA-160V Vertical RX Antenna: BOG Contest conditions were not too bad both Friday and Saturday evening into the morning. This Shack is a vertical only setup so
K4TMCSINGLE-OP LOWPortable operation from Atlantic Beach, NC (FM14PQ, IOTA NA112, USI NC010S)
K5RXSINGLE-OP HIGHStill have a very rudimentary station following a move last year. The new QTH has less line noise, but still some which has not been fixed. It was down a few dB the first night and there were no stratic crashes whatsoever. Second night's line noise was fu
K5TSSINGLE-OP HIGHfun contest, but we need more hams in it.
K5VGSINGLE-OP HIGHA fantastic rate!
K5ZDSINGLE-OP HIGHHard to work much DX on 160 SSB!
K7AEZSINGLE-OP HIGHThis is my First CQ 160 Meter Contest. It was really great. I used a 81ft End Fed Wire Antenna with # 18 Wire. The wire was only 25ft high. I used a 9:1 Voltage Balun. For this contest I used my Yaesu FT-991A, Solid State Amplifier, and a high power tuner
K8LFASSISTED HIGHI only made a small effort this time around. I gave up right before the contest, trying to get an existing 260 wire to load up on 160M with various configurations. So I operated the contest remote from AC8Y's station. I only operated Friday evening as I w
K8ZTSINGLE-OP QRP160 Antenna came down in wind 3 days before contest, struggled with 80M vertical.
KA7TSINGLE-OP LOWworst propagation I have ever heard.
KB0ARZSINGLE-OP HIGHI had a great time working this contest. It was great to work the states in close to me.
KB9RDSASSISTED LOWwhole station is ran on solar power.


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