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Location Names

The location field is used by the log checking software to determine the USA/Canada call area where your score will be listed. Your location name is specified in the header of the Cabrillo file.

USA State or ARRL Section where you operated from. Entries from within USA/Canada must enter a LOCATION abbreviation from the list below. Entries outside the USA/Canada enter DX.

[Note: Cabrillo version 2 uses ARRL-SECTION: instead of LOCATION:. The robot will accept either one.]

Below is a list of location names used by the log submission robot. If you have received a message from the robot, please check that you have the LOCATION: line in your Cabrillo file and it has one of the entries from location column below.

Click on the column header to sort the list.

LOCATION Region Description
DXDX Outside USA/Canada
EMAW1 Eastern Massachusetts
WMAW1 Western Massachusetts
MAW1 Massachusetts
VTW1 Vermont
NHW1 New Hamsphire
RIW1 Rhode Island
MEW1 Maine
ENYW2 Eastern New York
WNYW2 Western New York
NLIW2 New York Long Island
NNJW2 Northern New Jersey
NNYW2 Northern New York
SNJW2 Southern New Jersey
NYW2 New York
NJW2 New Jersey
DEW3 Delaware
EPAW3 Eastern Pennsylvania
MDCW3 Maryland District of Columbia
WPAW3 Western Pennsylvania
PAW3 Pennsylvania
MDW3 Maryland
ALW4 Alabama
GAW4 Georgia
KYW4 Kentucky
NCW4 North Carolina
NFLW4 Northern Florida
SCW4 South Carolina
SFLW4 South Florida
WCFW4 West Central Florida
TNW4 Tennessee
VAW4 Virginia
FLW4 Florida
ARW5 Arkansas
LAW5 Louisiana
MSW5 Mississippi
NMW5 New Mexico
NTXW5 North Texas
OKW5 Oklahoma
STXW5 South Texas
WTXW5 West Texas
TXW5 Texas
EBW6 East Bay
LAXW6 Los Angeles
ORGW6 Orange
SBW6 Santa Barbara
SCVW6 Santa Clara Valley
SDGW6 San Diego
SFW6 San Francisco
SJVW6 San Joaquin Valley
SVW6 Sacramento Valley
CAW6 California
AZW7 Arizona
EWAW7 Eastern Washington
IDW7 Idaho
MTW7 Montana
NVW7 Nevada
ORW7 Oregon
UTW7 Utah
WWAW7 Western Washington
WYW7 Wyoming
WAW7 Washington
MIW8 Michigan
OHW8 Ohio
WVW8 West Virginia
ILW9 Illinois
INW9 Indiana
WIW9 Wisconsin
COW0 Colorado
IAW0 Iowa
KSW0 Kansas
MNW0 Minnesota
MOW0 Missouri
NEW0 Nebraska
NDW0 North Dakota
SDW0 South Dakota
NLVO Newfoundland and Labrador
MARVE1 Maritime (NB-NS-PE)
NSVE1 Nova Scotia
NBVE9 New Brunswick
PEVY2 Prince Edward Island
QCVE2 Quebec
ONVE3 Ontario
ONEVE3 Ontario East
ONNVE3 Ontario North
ONSVE3 Ontario South
GTAVE3 Greater Toronto Area
GHVE3 Golden Horsehoe
MBVE4 Manitoba
SKVE5 Saskatchewan
ABVE6 Alberta
BCVE7 British Columbia
NTVE8 Northwest Territories
NUVY0 Nunavut
YTVY1 Yukon Territory
TERVY1 Yukon/NWT/Nunavut
AKKL Alaska
PACKH Pacific
PRKP4 Puerto Rico
VIKP2 Virgin Islands



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