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The CQ World Wide 160 Contest Plaques program is administered by the World Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF). For information, questions, inquiries, or comments, or to sponsor a new award, please see https://wwrof.org/contest-awards-management/

Plaques will be awarded for the top score in the specified category and region listed below.

SSB | CW | Combined


Single OperatorWORLDDJ8WL Memorial (Bill Tippett, W4ZV)
Single OperatorUSAN5IA Memorial (Arizona Outlaws Contest Club)
Single OperatorCANADAVE2XAA Memorial (Thor Stefansson, TF4M)
Single OperatorUSA ZONE 3Bruce Butler W6OSP Memorial
Single OperatorUSA ZONE 4Steve Schmidt, K4WA
Single OperatorUSA ZONE 5Tim Duffy, K3LR, and Sandy Raeker, N0QQ
Single OperatorAFRICAJames "Skip" Riba, WS9V and Christy Tapp, KD9GKL
Single OperatorASIAMissouri DX/Contest Club
Single OperatorEUROPEEmir-Braco Memic, E77DX
Single OperatorNORTH AMERICA **N4IN Memorial (CQ Magazine)
Single OperatorSOUTH AMERICAJohn Rodgers, WE3C
Single OperatorOCEANIASteve "Sid" Caesar, NH7C
Single OperatorJAPANAlabama Contest Group
Single OperatorSouthern HemisphereRobert Kile, W7RH
Single Operator AssistedWORLDAndy Chesnokov, UA3AB
Single Operator AssistedASIAJon Zaimes, AA1K
Single Operator AssistedEUROPEBill Salyers, AJ8B
Single Operator AssistedUSAAkito Nagi, JA5DQH
Single Operator AssistedUSA ZONE 3Larry Pace, N7DD
Single Operator AssistedUSA ZONE 4Pete Michaelis, N8TR
Single Operator AssistedUSA ZONE 5Potomac Valley Radio Club
Single Operator Low PowerWORLDAkito Nagi, JA5DQH
Single Operator Low PowerASIARobert Kile, W7RH
Single Operator Low PowerUSARich Kennedy, N4ESS
Single Operator Low PowerEUROPEDL1RK Memorial (by Petr Ourednik, OK1RP)
Single Operator Low PowerCANADAContest Club Ontario
Single Operator QRPWORLDEU1AA Memorial (by Ilya Semichastnov, R3XA/4L9M)
Single Operator QRPUSABob Raymond, WA1Z
Single Operator QRPZONE 4Brent Scott, WR5O
Single Operator QRPZONE 5Ed Parish, K1EP
Single Operator QRPEUROPEPeter Voelpel, DJ7WW
Multi-OperatorWORLDPaul Newberry, N4PN, Memorial (by Hugh Valentine, N4RJ)
Multi-OperatorASIANodir Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM
Multi-OperatorUSAW0CD Memorial (by K8GG and W8UVZ)
Multi-OperatorEUROPEBob Evans, K5WA
Multi-OperatorZONE 16John Crovelli, W2GD
Multi-OperatorUSA ZONE 3Tom Whitted, N7GP


Single OperatorWORLDNodir Tursoon-Zadeh, EY8MM
Single OperatorUSAScott Wright, K0MD
Single OperatorCANADATom Haavisto, VE3CX
Single OperatorUSA ZONE 3Nate Moreschi, N4YDU
Single OperatorUSA ZONE 4Alabama Contest Group
Single OperatorUSA ZONE 5Brent Scott, WR5O
Single OperatorAFRICAJohn Rodgers, WE3C
Single OperatorASIARon Lowrance, K4SX
Single OperatorEUROPEJames "Skip" Riba, WS9V and Christy Tapp, KD9GKL
Single OperatorNORTH AMERICA **K2EEK Memorial (CQ Magazine)
Single OperatorSOUTH AMERICAJohn Rodgers, WE3C
Single OperatorOCEANIASteve "Sid" Caesar, NH7C
Single OperatorSouthern HemisphereJohn Rodgers, WE3C
Single Operator AssistedWORLDK9HMB Memorial (by Ray Sokola, K9RS)
Single Operator AssistedASIAChuck Dietz, W5PR
Single Operator AssistedEUROPECurtis Rose, N2ZX
Single Operator Assisted Low PowerEUROPEJohn Rodgers, WE3C
Single Operator AssistedUSAPete Michaelis, N8TR
Single Operator AssistedUSA Zone 4Pete Michaelis, N8TR
Single Operator Low PowerWORLDSteve Molo, KI4KWR
Single Operator Low PowerUSATim Duffy, K3LR
Single Operator Low PowerEUROPEContest Club Ontario
Single Operator Low PowerCANADARudy Bakalov, N2WQ
Single Operator QRPWORLDJohn Rodgers, WE3C
Multi-OperatorWORLDRev. Paul Bittner, W0AIH Memorial (by WB9Z and NV9L)
Multi-OperatorUSAJerry Rosalius, WB9Z, and Val Hotzfeld, NV9L
Multi-OperatorEUROPESouth Jersey DX Association, N2CW
Multi-OperatorUSA ZONE 3Paulo Costa Leite, PV8DX
Multi-OperatorZONE 16Valery Zhitovic, EW6W


Single OperatorWORLDEd Parish, K1EP
Multi-OperatorWORLDJuan Carlos Munoz, TG9AJR


* Single Operator Assisted or Unassisted whichever is higher.
** USA and Canadian stations are not eligible for the NORTH AMERICA awards.

If you would like to sponsor a plaque, please send an email to plaques@cqww.com.

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