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7A3AMULTI-OPSee you in 2023
AF1TSINGLE-OP HIGHI was glad to get on for several hours. Conditions to the West Coast were not very good.
AF4TSINGLE-OP HIGHC6ANM answering my CQ in first hour of contest, while it was still daylight outside, was just a perfect moment. I show these as duplicate QSOs, left both since I do not know which the other party is logging. I only counted each once towards claimed score.
C4IMULTI-OPMany thank for all the QSOs, it was our pleasure to give out the 5B multiplier to the active contesters. Though, conditions were really tough! Not easy at times to copy stations through static and QRM. Great opening to NA on Sunday morning brought some go
DL1CCSINGLE-OP LOW100w and 54 m LW
DL1MHJSINGLE-OP LOWMni tnx for copying my weak signals. Ant: 2 x 12.50m linear loaded dipole (2 x 39.00m wire). Vy 73, Torsten, DL1MHJ
DL4ZASINGLE-OP HIGHYaesu FTdx3000/Icom IC-2KL/FC-902/Loop 165 Meter Umfang
DO6ITSINGLE-OP LOWDARC und DOK H20 aktuell in Vorbereitung rz@qrz.com
EA6SXSINGLE-OP QRPwhaoo, what a test of patience. Making a contest in QRP and even more so in SSB, is the highest test of patience that can exist in radio. I'm sorry I couldn't be the whole contest, but my voice and my family couldn't resist it. What ears of Jeffrey VY2ZM,
EB8AYASINGLE-OP LOWThank you very much for your attention. I hope next better. Good luck and be safe.
EF3OSINGLE-OP LOWBad conditions and low participation
EI4KUSINGLE-OP LOWHow does one mark dupes in the submitted logs? So i don't get penalized again for being unable to mark the dupes, here for all to see: X-SUMMARY: Dupe: 2022-02-26 2219 EI4KU 59 14 F4HZZ 59 14 X-SUMMARY: Dupe: 2022-02-26 0044 EI4KU 59 14 K1LZ 59 ME X-SUMMA
F6EZVASSISTED HIGHSome missing mults this year: Ukraine because of human madness, Russia and Belarus out of solidarity for those who suffer from this madness.
G2XSINGLE-OP LOWVery bad condx , worst i have seen for years ,thanks to all who worked me 73 G2X steve
G3QASSISTED LOWYet another enjoyable contest.
HA3DXMULTI-OPRig- YAESU FTDX-3000 HENRY 3K Premier PA Ant- Delta loops(NW-SE) full size,verticaly polarized +BOG NW-Single wire new Beverage,300m 325 degrees (TNX to Jan OK2ZAW!). Complemented by a HA5IW preamplifier, the antenna performed super well,+SDRPLAY RSP2. CO
HA8EVASSISTED LOWHome made balcony antenna 6m long only!
HB0DXMULTI-OPAfter successful CQ-WW-160m CW we decided to go back to Liechtenstein for the Phone part. Field day style with the exception of using a wooden block house and permanent electrical energy from the lower mountain area in northern part of HB0. Living in a fr
HB9CXZASSISTED HIGHPoor propagation and hight level noise.
HB9DQLASSISTED HIGHRIG: IC-7851 and OM 2000A+ Antenna: 2x34m inverted V center fed dipole using SAMS antenna matching system thanks for contact 73 Juerg, HB9DQL
IK0XBXSINGLE-OP QRPInverted L with over 4.000 meters of ground radials in TX with 5W from my IC7610 at minimum power. RX antenna K9AY loop. I been heard from 90% of european stations i called, very satisfied for antennas performances. CU Next year.
IT9VCESINGLE-OP LOWAbout 8 hours in total with only 100 watts and inverted V dipole with apex 15 meters above the ground, just to give the multiplier to the participants. Only one station that I listened to well but I could not connect OZ4 ...
JA3IBUSINGLE-OP HIGHReally hard contest compared to last CW contest.
JA7BEWSINGLE-OP LOWI enjoyed the contest.
JA8RWUASSISTED LOWThis was my second participation in this TopBand phone contest. Compared to the last year and this year on CW in Jan condx was not so good and guess less activities especially from Russia. Still wkd only AS so far on the TopBand phone. See you all next ye
JE1SPYSINGLE-OP LOWIt was the 2nd CQ 160m contest since the 160m SSB was lifted in Japan. The Japanese SSB band has a width of only 30KHz from 1845 to 1875KHz. Please attention, JA stations can tranmit on 1848kHz low edge. In Europe and the United States, band plans are not
JF2FIUSINGLE-OP HIGHThank you all stations!
JH4RUMSINGLE-OP LOWI enjoyed the contest.
JH8FIHSINGLE-OP HIGHI enjoyed the contest.
K0AWUSINGLE-OP HIGHVery enjoyable contest. Always saying "hi" to old friends.
K1EPSINGLE-OP HIGHThanks to Andy K2LE for the use of his station. Friday afternoon, as I was preparing for the contest, it appeared that the 160M antenna had infinite SWR across the band. Being a remote operation, there was little I could do. About 4 or 5 hours in to the c
K3CCRMULTI-OPK3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and W5MPB did Multi-Op HP in the 2022 CQ 160 SSB test. We hoped for a score ~like the 68.9 K claimed by N3UM and W3GB doing Multi-Op H
K3RLASSISTED HIGHAntenna: 70'ft high vertical/inverted L with 2 elevated tuned radials
K4MVMSINGLE-OP LOWCategory B: Icom IC-7300 barefoot (100W) into Icom AH4 tuner (no amp) with EFLW.
K5ZDSINGLE-OP HIGHOnly a few minutes to spend on Friday night. Europeans heard, but none worked.
K9WNSINGLE-OP HIGHQRN/QRM from amp fan going south. Quit early.
K9WWTSINGLE-OP HIGHVery noisy and poor band conditions this year.
KB0ARZSINGLE-OP LOWI'am retired! I did not have to juggle my work, so I could have Saturday off to contest!!
KB3VQCMULTI-OPWhat a ride..... thanks all from the team
KB4OLMSINGLE-OP LOWA little quieter than last year and lower scores too, still lot's of fun. Seems like many operators were having logging problems, lots of dupes. Look forward to the next time. 73's KB4OLM
KB9FPYSINGLE-OP LOWThis first time in this contest. I did OK for 100 watts and wire..
KB9RDSASSISTED LOWAll contacts were on a home solar powered HF station.
KC4RCRSINGLE-OP HIGH200w PEP, OCF dipole at 35 feet agl
KE8SNOSINGLE-OP LOWNot bad considering I was just found out that I found out about this contest just trying to put together an HF dipole from old sweeper wire from sweepers just being thrown away. Made the contacts just to see if it worked.
KG5VKASSISTED HIGHLess than an hour On The Air Sunday morning right at Sunrise


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