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45801OL6AEE1965Checklog        OKOM  
45802OK1AIA1964Checklog        OKOM  
45803OK1AIR1964Checklog        OKOM  
45804OK1KBC1964Checklog        OKOM  
45805OK2DB1964Checklog        OKOM  
45806OK2KFK1964Checklog        OKOM  
45807OK3KAG1964Checklog        OKOM  
45808OK3KFY1964Checklog        OKOM  
45809RX4HZ2007Disqualified        UA  
45810LY2BTA1990Disqualified        LY  
45811UT4UXW1990Disqualified        UR  
45812UT5UGR1990Disqualified        UR  
45813WB2ULI1990Disqualified        K-TX  
45814UP2BTA1989Disqualified        LY  
458154N1W1988Disqualified        YU  
45816SP2FAP1988Disqualified        SP  
45817UP1BZA1988Disqualified        LY  
45818UQ2GNL1988Disqualified        YL  
45819K7RO1987Disqualified        K-OR  
45820LZ1KDP1987Disqualified        LZ  
45821OK1JDX1987Disqualified        OKOM  
45822OK1KJA1987Disqualified        OKOM  
45823OK2PLR1987Disqualified        OKOM  
45824OL1BMX1987Disqualified        OKOM  
45825UA3XDM1987Disqualified        UA  
45826W0JLC1987Disqualified        K-FL  
45827YU3EF1987Disqualified        YU  
45828DF9ZP1986Disqualified        DLDL6FBL 
45829JR1CFG1986Disqualified        JA  
45830OK1KFQ1986Disqualified        OKOM  
45831SV1PL1986Disqualified        SV  
45832UT4UW1986Disqualified        UR  
45833WB3FIZ1986Disqualified        K-PA  
45834Y34K1986Disqualified        DM  
45835K3TUP1985Disqualified        K-PA  
45836N3CXB1985Disqualified        K-PA  
45837OK1HCH1985Disqualified        OKOM  
45838UP1BWR1985Disqualified        LY  
45839W8MVN1980Disqualified        K-OH  
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